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Each Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH exhaust product combines the latest in technology with handmade, topquality craftsmanship. The result is an exhaust that fascinates the senses with its performance, style and sound. Eisenmann exhausts elevate the driving experience to a whole new level.

For years the automobile industry trusts in products “Made by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH”. Porsche AG also belongs to our customers, whose vehicles are equipped with our Exclusive Accessories.
These enduring relationships authenticate Eisenmann´s commitment to providing premier exhaust systems. The dedication to excellence that is delivered to championship teams around the world is inherent in every system Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH produces.

Achiving a phenomenal but classy sound out of an exhaust is not a trivial task. Experience an Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH exhaust an that´s exactly what you´ll hear: a phenomenal sound with class. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH exhausts boast a nice, deep, throaty, yet highly refined sound that brings a welcomed sporty enhancement to the driving experience.

Furthermore, the sound of an Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH exhaust is dynamic – the more spirited the driver, the more spirited the sound. This means that the exhaust really sings under heavy acceleration, yet maintains the integrity of the car in normal driving circumstances.
With an Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH exhaust system, you´ll know exactly what your car should have sounded like from the factory.

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